About us

Agrol Doo was founded in 1996.

Over the time, Agrol has become one of the leading companies-suppliers of planting material, anti-hail netting, machines and equipment for the contemporary fruit and vineyard farmers in our market.

Initial years of our operations were based only on trading the agriculture spare parts and equipment and even today our portfolio includes part of that program, such as the cardan shafts, S-springs, etc…
As of the year 2000, we have been increasingly shifting towards the fruit growing and introduction of new technologies for the fruit growers.
Today, we are able to offer everything, from designing orchards, building thereof, to the sorting and packing equipment.

As a starting point in presenting our offer, we would like to emphasise the import of certified apple and cherry planting material from regional and European plant nurseries. We are registered and authorised importers of planting material and we deliver annually around 300,000 seedlings to our market.
Our partners include Rabo (HR), Salvi (IT), Geoplant (IT), Veerbek (NL)…

Besides the delivery of high-quality seedlings, we are also offering design, delivery and installation of the anti-hail nets ready to be used immediately (Turnkey system). Experience in this area dates back to 2004, and the first modern anti-hail nets in Serbia that we had installed in South Banat and for Mr Branko Horvat in Tavankut.
In recent years, we have been covering around 150-200 ha with new hail protection systems almost every year. A more thorough calculation would certainly reveal that we have reached 1500 ha in covered land, during all those years of operating in Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia and other countries in the region. Our offer further includes various orchard maintenance machines (atomizers/sprayers, mowers, mulchers, pruning machines, wagons…) from the best European manufacturers. Besides the machines used in orchards, we are also able to supply you with the equipment intended for the cold rooms.

One of our biggest partners is certainly Greefa (NL). Greefa is a world leader in fruit sorting. Since 2005, we have been the exclusive distributors of their equipment for our country, as well as the maintenance providers.
Latest technological solutions that we have delivered found their place in over 20 cold rooms within Serbia and in the region. In 2017, we have installed the largest pre-sorting line known to this region, with the capacity of 20t/h at the “Ćirić Agro” company.

Furthermore, a contemporary cold room cannot be imagined today without the packing equipment.
Burg Company (NL) is our partner in this area and we offer together various lines for fruit packing into the single layer or double layer cardboards, bushel packages, mesh bags, trays, etc.
In order to meet the ever-increasing customer demands, we include to the projects various solutions of weighing, waxing, palletising, etc…

We proudly emphasise that we are representatives of the Sinclair Company (USA/GB) which offers the equipment for automated sticker application to the fresh fruits and vegetables.

We hope that this short description shall help you in gaining a better insight of our company.   

Our team

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