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Blueberry is a highly appreciated fruit, and it is considered as an important fruit type in Serbia, given its volume of exports to the global market.


Ever since 2007, Agrol has been successfully involved in exports of planting material. The company cooperates with several renowned international plant nurseries, such as Gruber Genetti, Braun, Verbeek…


One of the largest tractor manufacturers...

Blueberry sorting

Our sorting machines are equipped with a fine discharge system with silicon curtains...

Anti-hail nets

Anti-hail nets are an important part of the fruit growing equipment. Protecting the crops of certain quality is, business-wise, the most important part of fruit production. 


Speaking of the fruit and vegetable calibration and sorting systems, the story begins with the letter “G”. Dutch company GREEFA is the absolute leader with several thousand installed lines...

Caffini sprayers

One of the best-known European manufacturers and the only Italian company specialised in production of all sprayer types.

Cherry sorting

Designed for the sensitive types of small fruit crops.

Orchard design

About Agrol


Agrol seeks to become a leader and to maintain such position in the fruit growing equipment market, both in Serbia and wider in the region.

Our mission

Through a relationship based on mutual trust, finest quality of the equipment and professionalism of our personnel, we would like to anticipate and respond to the most demanding needs of our clients.

About us

Agrol Doo was founded in 1996. Over time, Agrol has become one of the leading companies-suppliers of the planting material in our market.

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