Spring cultivators (tillers) of this type are widely accepted and indispensable element in the equipment of any fruit farmer at the contemporary European farms. They constitute the ideal tools for spring and summer cultivation of inter-row areas.

In contrast to classical tillers, the operating bodies of these spring cultivators have all the three degrees of freedom, meaning that while passing through the soil, they oscillate in all directions. By doing so, this machine perfectly loosens the soil, corrects its structure, destroys weeds, cleans the inter-row areas and establishes a favourable water-air regime.

What is the secret of this device’s efficiency and quality in functioning?
1. Operating bodies (springs), manufactured by the Italian company BIANCHI are made of the special steel with a patented relationship C:Mn:Si which constitutes a mandatory condition.
2. Considering they are double folded, the operating bodies are very long.
3. Springs are attached only to one end, which enables the other end, passing through the soil, to oscillate strongly and freely in all directions.

We are offering you the operating bodes with the cross-sections of 20x20mm, 25x25mm and 30x30mm. Choice of the frame size and number of operating bodies placed thereon depends solely on the tractor’s power.

Regarding the operating tools, small mattocks can be installed on the ends of spring cultivators, in the shape of arrow (1) leaf (2) or in the shape of spear (3). By means of simple replacement of the small mattocks on the same tool, from the functional point of view, you practically get a new machine.

We would like to bring to your attention a special, small model of a spring cultivator with 20x20mm springs, which has been particularly constructed and manufactured for the “Toma Vinković“ small fruit farming tractors.