Cerjak PTO cardan shafts

Sometimes images do speak louder than words.

A rich assortment, with the models adjusted to all agricultural machines. Well-chosen materials, advanced technology and European manufacturing and safety standards. Contemporary technical solutions. Reliability and durability. These are all the reason why the Slovenian company CERJAK has long time ago ceased being only Slovenian and gained reputation as a respectable company throughout Europe.

Looking from the outside, most of cardan shafts on the market are similar, making it legitimate to ask how to recognise the quality. The only certain way is to opt for a verified manufacturer.

For all the agricultural machines, AGROL recommends you and offers you the CERJAK cardan shafts as the best solution. Of course, with CERJAK cardan shafts, AGROL has also provided the professional maintenance, well-supplied with spare parts.