Landini tractors

One of the best known European tractor manufacturers. 

Landini 2 series

Launched in order to replace Mistral, 2 Series is made of compact tractors, ideal for easy manoeuvring in tight spots. 

2 Series comes in two models: STD with the choice of either cab or platform and GE model which is only available in platform version. On the GE model, the design of the front axle and rear final drive allows the driving position to be lowered by 95 mm compared to the STD version.

The 2 Series tractors are fitted with 24-inch rear tyres and a minimal overall width of 1.254 mm and a steering wheel height of only 1.218 mm, making them extremely compact vehicles. For an even slimmer profile, the tractor can be optionally equipped with 20-inch rear tyres.
2 Series features a synchronised shuttle transmission with 16 forward and 16 reverse gears and with a creeper.
The hydraulic system provides a flow rate of 48 l/min (29+19 l/min). The rear hitches are mechanically operated and can lift up to 1200 kg. A front cardan and front hitches are available upon request and can lift up to 400 kg.
Tractors of 2 Series are powered by the Yanmar TNV four-cylinder engines featuring an atmospheric suction and turbocharger, with 47.6 and 54.3 hp. These engines have a huge power and torque reserve, providing at the same time a quiet, environmentally acceptable operation and low fuel consumption. Also, they possess a valve for Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR).
The 2 Series cabin takes the driver’s comfort to a completely new level given that it endures significantly higher overpressure, it is quieter and has the more efficient air-conditioning.

Landini REX 3


Sometimes a long-established tradition may become the driving force of a revolution. The history of specialised tractors, which started with Landini, now continues with a new model, the REX3, which is conceived to further highlight the compact design and manoeuvrability of the REX range.

The REX3 is a professional tractor with power ratings up to do 75 hp, specially designed for use in orchards, vineyards, olive groves, hazel groves and under the overhead trellis systems. Extremely compact, easy to handle and powerful, the REX3 is equally suitable for the municipal applications. The new REX3 offers substantial improvements in terms of compact design, configuration flexibility, manoeuvrability, ease of use and comfort. A variety of unique features allow the operator to work the tractor with maximum ease and comfort. A lowered cabin and a minimum hood height of only 1256 mm from ground, the lowest in class, provide a maximum visibility to the rear and front, while providing at the same time an easy access to the low-ceiling areas. Besides, the tractor’s tight turning radius makes headland turns easier and quicker, thereby reducing the operating time and fuel consumption while improving the operator’s comfort. The Landini REX3 certainly does not go unnoticed: the sleek and dynamic lines of the hood with the lights seamlessly integrated into the front grille, provide this tractor with an automotive look and appearance. A contemporary design fully reflects the company’s ability to respond to the customer needs for a more innovative, productive and comfortable product, while staying true to tradition.