Blueberry cultivation

Blueberry is a highly appreciated fruit, and it is considered as an important fruit type in Serbia, given its volume of exports to the global market.

Blueberry seedlings

Blueberry is a highly appreciated fruit crop, and it is considered as an important fruit type in Serbia, given its volume of exports to the global market. Blueberry exports in 2019 attained the value of EUR 7,175,347.

Blueberry crops have an attractive appearance, a pleasant sweet/slightly sour taste, considerable nutritional and use values, which secures their placement on the market of fresh products, where higher price is reached.

It is characterised by a short period of time until it starts to produce fruit, already in the first year after planting, as well by the regular and abundant yields and emphasised adaptability to different technologies of growing, whether it is in the open soil or in the pot.

So, beside the production in open soil, blueberry may be successfully cultivated as well in a drained substrate, in pots, with an extraordinary water-air regime, with programed dosage of required fertilizers and water according to the plant phenophase and growth conditions, which require high investments per unit of production capacity. This system of growing enables a maximal usage of space and achievement of high and quality yields per land unit.

The amount of total investment depends on the planned production intensity and cultivation method, and recommended location for growing blueberry should be sunny, protected from strong winds, without frost pockets and weed-free.

Biennial container seedlings of cultivated blueberry 2 lit.


Substrate for growing in pots

A substrate must be inert, and its basic characteristic is the ability of keeping moisture, because that is a prerequisite for a plant to have at its disposal the required nutrients for conducting its necessary metabolic processes such as photosynthesis, breathing and reproductive processes.


Substrate is RHP certified

Legro’s substrate Blueberry CPOS contains the carefully chosen raw materials, making this substrate a high-quality mixture with good permeability, water holding capacity and a long-term stable structure. Substrate structure enables drainage and ensures a developed root system which shall keep the plants in a good condition for many years to come.

Ingredients which constitute an ideal surface for the blueberry cultivation:

1. White peat moss

  • Corrects the pH value, given that the white peat is naturally acidic
  • It provides the organic matter and nutrients for the regular plant growth
  • It enables the unobstructed microbiological activity of rhizosphere layer and establishment of mycorrhiza, and by extension a normal adoption of all the necessary macro and micro elements

2. Coco peat

  • physical stability
  • great aerial capacity, regardless of the fine structure
  • quick water absorption and good capillary properties
  • quick rehydration from a dry condition
  • buffer capacity

3. Perlite

  • has a good water-holding capacity and good distribution of moisture in the substrate
  • unfavourable for pathogen development
  • it is environmentally friendly and healthy
  • improves the water-air regime of the substrate
  • the use of perlite achieves a prolonged effect of mineral fertilizers
  • prevents the formation of crusts

4. Fertilizers – mix

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Sulphur

For cultivation in open soil, the white peat is used in combination with the soil, depending on the mechanical properties. Prior to placing the plants into the field, the sourness and content of organic matter must be brought to a satisfactory level by placing the white peat fibre into the hills where the plants shall be planted.


Pots – a model especially designed for blueberry cultivation, made of the high-quality plastic – polyethylene, which enables elasticity, long-term durability and resistance to the various weather conditions.

We are able to offer you various models:

  • Elevated bottom up to 6.5 cm provides an optimal drainage and aeration
  • Perforated walls
  • Available volumes: 35, 45, 48, 50 litres and others.

Agro textile

  • Maintains the soil temperature and provides the weed control
  • Reduces evaporation
  • 100% UV-stable material
  • Available weight in grams: 100 g/m2 and 130 g/m2
  • Colour: black, black and white (duplex) and white


Covering the hills (containing the white peat fibre) with mulch made of the ground pine bark shall significantly reduce dehydration caused by the evaporation of humidity and help in preventing the weed growth. 

A surface layer of pots is covered with bark in order to prevent dehydration and suppress weeds.