OMA depositors

In the plant’s root area there is always an imbalance between the nutrients.

In the plant’s root area there is always an imbalance between the nutrients. Soil analyses show that the concentrations of potassium and phosphorus within the surface layers are often extremely high (sometimes even 10-15 times higher than the needed ones), and that these elements are almost completely non-existent at the depth of root system. Correct that.
An uneven distribution of nutrients at depths is, above all, the result of poor mobility of potassium and phosphorus. Therefore, depositing the mineral fertilisers to the root zone significantly contributes to a more quality and complete plant nourishment and, finally, to the more abundant and quality yields.
Fruit growers worldwide have been using the so-called depositors, i.e. the mineral fertiliser spreaders, for a long time already. The Italian company OMA, as a depositor manufacturer, has imposed itself with the assortment, reliability and prices.
Depositors are delivered in different variants, and the most used models are those with one or two operating bodies which come with a fixed or adjustable spacing, as well as with a mechanical or hydraulic flow regulation.
When it comes to the models with adjustable spacing, they can be regulated within a range between 90 and 120cm. Rollers which follow the depositors are levelling the soil and, with the first precipitation, are securing an even water penetration, providing, at the same time, a more homogenous distribution of fertilisers within the soil.
There are also options featuring a disc placed at the front (in case of the single-row depositors) whose task is to prepare the terrain for the passage of operating body. We are at your service for any further information regarding the specific models, and the images show the models of depositors.