Caffini sprayers

One of the best-known European manufacturers and the only Italian company specialised in production of all sprayer types. 

One of the best known European manufacturers and the only Italian company specialised in manufacturing of all the types of sprayers. Starting from the smallest orchard and vineyard sprayers, through the models dedicated to municipal activities, to the largest agricultural sprayers. There are several basic reasons why we recommend the “Caffini” sprayers.



New range of mounted sprayers ”Speedy” synthesises the entire Caffini technology, that is, innovation, quality and application of European standards.

Synthesis Step 2

A top world-class model. Extraordinary chemical distribution, targeted spraying, great savings and an exceptional manageability are only some of the features of this model.

Trend Plus

Model that is rich with the equipment dedicated to the more rational and comfortable use, but at the same time, to the user safety, as well as to the compliance with ever-increasing standards.


CAFFINI has also prepared the ORANGE model, which has already conquered the widest market given that, due to its large scale production, it has positioned itself at the lower price group, keeping at the same time the “Caffini quality” and comfort: a brass distributor, double brass nozzles with anti-drip membrane, “Comet” pump, adjustable spacing between the wheels, a hand-washing water tank etc.


Trend series takes a central part of the Caffini’s product range and is characterised by an excellent quality-price ratio. The simplicity of use, robustness and excellent operating results, make these devices the functional and modern sprayers.